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close attention

A two-year hands-on program in clinical immersion for developing psychotherapy expertise. More...

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close attention

A new two-year hands on program in clinical immersion for developing Psychotherapy expertise.

close attention is a new offering of the Washington Center for Psychoanalysis, designed for clinicians who would like to enhance their skills as psychotherapists.
The focus of the program is entirely clinical.  We will help students to develop a keener sense of what is going on in their clients’ minds, and of how to be of help to them.
The underlying assumption of our psychodynamic approach is that if we are able to help our clients to better understand what they are thinking, feeling, and experiencing, which includes discovering matters outside of their immediate awareness, they will be able to live their lives in more effective and satisfying ways.  For the clinician, this means developing a capacity to help clients to discover themselves in the moment, in the hour.  But the heart of the work is not about maneuvering the client, it’s about getting to know the person, always a more difficult proposition than meets the eye.
This program focuses on the nuances of the individual session.  We will be using a variety of learning formats toward this end, which are described in the following pages.  While assigned reading will be kept to a minimum, students will regularly be presenting their work, both orally and in written form, as a basis for learning.  The faculty will also share their own work.


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Please Contact:

Sharon Alperovitz
Robert Winer

The key to the work is close attention, both to our clients’ minds and to our own, as we respond to them.

2015-16 Academic Calendar

Classes meet on Thursday evenings from 6:45-10:00pm

*Applications for the 2015-2016 Academic Year are now being accepted.
(Annual Tuition $2360)