Member Benefits

Study Groups-Optional Classes Center members are eligible to participate in “Center Day” study groups and optional classes. The goal of the “Center Day” study groups is to provide and facilitate the highest quality psychoanalytic educational opportunities for Center members, trainees, and students. Study Groups improve professional competence through the acquisition of new skills and knowledge, promotion of habits of critical inquiry and balanced judgment through educational and training activities.  Examples include: Art and Psychoanalysis; Neuropsychoanalysis; & Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis in the Internet Age. Continuing education credit is granted for most study groups and optional courses.
Ombudsman Committee The Ombudsman Committee is a resource for candidates, students, members to discuss concerns in an informal, confidential way. It can direct a concern to the proper resource and assist with a formal complaint, if needed.
Ethics Committee The Ethics Committee receives written complaints alleging unethical conduct. Its procedures include ways to consider the merits of the complaint, investigating it, holding hearings if necessary, and making recommendations as to the appropriate disposition of the case. The Ethics Committee's guide is the American Psychoanalytic Association's Principles and Standards of Ethics for Psychoanalysts.
Colleague and Patient Assistance Committee The Colleague and Patient Assistance Committee is a resource for candidates, students, members, and patients to express concerns about illness, impairment or other difficulties. Confidential discussion, evaluation, intervention or remediation can prevent concerns or difficulties evolving into ethics complaints.
Continuing Professional Education The programs of the Washington Center for Psychoanalysis provide continuing professional education credits for physicians, for psychologists and for social workers. Center credits also can be submitted for LPC re-licensure.  Please see the individual program sections for details.
Scientific Meetings Scientific Meetings and workshops on psychoanalytic topics are organized each academic year. The topics address the interests and needs of members and candidates. Please check the Event calendar on our website at for up to date information and to register.
E-Newsletter The E-Newsletter is an in-house publication that includes discussion of issues of interest to members of the Center and has regular reports from the President and from various committee chairs. It is a forum for members to communicate with the entire membership about current topics and events related to psychoanalysis. The editor of the newsletter is responsible to the Board of Directors.
Referrals The WCP website maintains a member directory of our psychoanalysts and psychotherapists who wish to have referrals from the membership at large or the general public.
Auditing Courses Center members may audit a course of the Washington Psychoanalytic Institute, either in the Adult or Child/Adolescent program, without charge and with the consent of the Curriculum Committee and the seminar leader or instructor.
PEPWEB Full members of the Center automatically receive a subscription to Psychoanalytic Electronic Publishing (PEPWEB). PEPWEB provides online access to all but the most recent issues of many leading psychoanalytic journals and some books, and includes the entire Standard Edition of Freud's collected works. PEPWEB also enables users to search the literature by author, topic, or key words.

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Virtual Community The WCP's website is a virtual community which has many member-only features, including discussion forums, a bulletin board for referrals and other services, a directory search, the event calendar, online registration for all events, and many more. All members have a profile page through which they can access member-only forms and documents and pay dues or program fees online. The website address is