PSP and Candidate applications are processed throughout the year and offers of admission are made on a rolling basis until the class is full. If you wish to enter the Fall 2016 class your application must be received by June 30. After June 30 please contact Linda Kolodner, MSW at (202) 302-7082 to discuss possible options.

The Psychoanalytic Training Program of the 

Washington Psychoanalytic Institute

The Washington Psychoanalytic Institute offers three educational programs:

  • The Psychoanalytic Studies Program (PSP) : a two year program which introduces students to essential concepts in psychoanalysis. For students interested in becoming clinical psychoanalysts, PSP will be credited as the first two years of the four and a half year psychoanalytic curriculum.
  • Adult Psychoanalytic Training: Comprehensive training in psychoanalytic theory and technique, building on the concepts learned in the PSP program. Graduates of the program are qualified to practice clinical psychoanalysis with adults.
  • Child/Adolescent Psychoanalytic Training: Comprehensive training in the theory and practice of psychoanalysis with children and adolescents.

Our psychoanalytic program is organized around a core that integrates the major theoretical schools, as well as contemporary developments and highlighting the distinct usefulness of different psychoanalytic perspectives. It focuses on the clinical application of these theories, the practical study of technique, and the development of research and writing skills.

We welcome candidates of all clinical disciplines and academic backgrounds, and we encourage collegiality among candidates and faculty. We regard an open and comfortable environment as most conducive to free discussion and learning.

We follow the tripartite model, as required of all Institutes accredited by the American Psychoanalytic Association. This model consists of seminars and continuous case conferences; supervised psychoanalysis of at least three cases; and a personal analysis with a Training Analyst of our Institute (or when necessary because of geographic considerations of another Institute) .

Candidates and graduates of the WCP Institute and other approved Institutes who wish to specialize in the psychoanalysis of children and adolescents may enter the Child/Adolescent program of the Institute.  A background of formal training in child psychiatry or child psychology is desirable, but not required.  In some instances, additional experiences with children will be recommended and this may be obtained at one of the approved child training programs in the area.  A candidate may apply for child/adolescent analytic training at any time after the first trimester of the first year in the adult program.  The program curriculum is under development.  Please contact Dr. Anita Bryce (703-734-9287) for more information.

Our candidates gain additional learning and teaching opportunities through our affiliation with George Washington University.

Candidates of our Institute are eligible for membership in the American Psychoanalytic Association, and upon graduation, for membership in the International Psychoanalytical Association.

The governing body of the Washington Psychoanalytic Institute is the Institute Council (IC).

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The educational program of the Institute includes the training analysis, a sequence of courses in psychoanalytic theory and technique, and supervised clinical work. All candidates are encouraged to attend and participate in the scientific meetings of the Washington Center for Psychoanalysis.

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Training Analysis

To be eligible to begin first-year courses in September, a candidate will ideally have been in analysis with a training analyst since the previous October; there is flexibility in this requirement, with variations based on individual circumstances. All newly admitted candidates, including those transferring from other Institutes, are required by the American Psychoanalytic Association to be in psychoanalysis with a training analyst approved by the Institute. Where required by geographic considerations, we will assist the candidate in making other arrangements.

A successful training analysis is fundamental to the candidate's training and a required achievement, but the training analysis is entirely confidential and the training analyst does not report to the Institute, except for the start date and completion date. A high degree of character stability and maturity are essential goals of the training analysis. The achievement  by the candidate of a level of personality functioning suitable to a career in the practice of psychoanalysis will be assessed by the candidate's supervised analyses, case presentations, and participation in Institute seminars. It is generally expected that a considerable  portion of the candidate's supervised clinical work will be concurrent with the training analysis.

The Washington Psychoanalytic Institute is committed to providing affordable training analyses for candidates.  The fee for a training analysis should be negotiated between training analyst and prospective candidate analysand.  A candidate having difficulty finding an affordable analysis should contact the Director of the Institute.

Courses in Theory and Technique

The Psychoanaltyic Studies Program (PSP) provides the first two years of required coursework and clinical supervision for students who elect to pursue clinical psychoanalytic training. Classes and seminars over an additional two and a half years build on the foundational concepts introduced in PSP, and provide students with the knowledge and expertise needed to conduct clinical psychoanalysis.

Supervised Clinical Work

A major component of the training program is the conduct of psychoanalysis by a candidate with consultative supervision by Supervision Analysts, in accord with the requirements of the American Psychoanalytic Association. These requirements include the creditable analysis of a minimum of three adult patients, at least one of each gender. For candidates in the Child/Adolescent Analytic Program, the minimum is two adult patients and three child patients.

"Supervision" means weekly individual discussion of a single analytic case. It is a collegial mentoring experience through which the candidate learns how to apply his or her developing knowledge of theory and technique within the clinical relationship. Fees for supervision are generally much reduced from the supervisors' usual fee, according to a formula that is linked to the fee paid to the candidate for the supervised case .

The Psychoanalytic Clinic

The Psychoanalytic Clinic offers psychoanalysis at reduced fees. (The Clinic's telephone number is (202.337.1617). These analyses are conducted by members of the Washington Center for Psychoanalysis, including candidates in the Washington Psychoanalytic Institute. To gain the privilege of treating patients under Clinic auspices, an analyst or candidate applies for appointment as a Clinic Associate, which requires a valid license to practice a mental health profession and professional liability insurance.

Supervised psychoanalytic evaluation and psychoanalytic treatment of Clinic patients is a major part of the Institute's educational program.

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