Washington Center for Psychoanalysis

Joining thenetwork of missions arising out of the Church of the Saviour in the Adams-Morganarea of Washington, Jubilee JumpStart will provide a community of love andencouragement for infants, toddlers and preschool children in partnership withtheir parents in Jubilee Housing and its neighborhood. By fostering secure,stable nurturing relationships with their parents and teachers and offering richopportunities to learn and grow, we will enable our children to delight in theirchildhood, to prepare to flourish in school, and so to fill up with love andtalent that they will serve as constructive leaders in later life.

We will serve 46children in full-day activity and offer night and weekend care for childrenwhose parents must work during those hours. Because social and economicdiversity will strengthen the program’s impact, up to 11 of our children willcome from full-paying families.

JumpStart’s programwill focus on two key research findings that reflect our concern for ourchildren as beloved of God: (1) that consistent nurturing relationships with oneor a few caregivers are the most crucial foundation for both the intellectualand the social growth of children, and (2) that a carefully structuredcurriculum that begins in infancy and continues up to kindergarten has adramatic impact on the capacity of a child to perform well in school and livewell in later life.

Toprovide this critical foundation, JumpStart will

Insupport of this mission, the Washington Center forPsychoanalysis will provide a rare depth of insight and assistance toJumpStart’s caregiver/teachers, home visitors, parents and children in buildingand sustaining secure nurturing relationships, through individual and group meetings and in-depthassistance for families needing special attention.

Space for Jubilee JumpStart will be createdin Jubilee Housing’s Ontario Court building in time for operations to begin inthe fall of 2008.

For moreinformation, contact Joe Collier, Jubilee JumpStart, P.O. Box 21097, Washington,DC 20009, 703-927-2919 (mobile), joecollier1@verizon.net or check ourdeveloping website at www.jubileejumpstart.org.