Washington Center for Psychoanalysis

Board of Directors

David E. Cooper, PhD*


Immediate Past President:
David Joseph, MD *

Steven Sorkin, PhD*

Pavel Snejnevski, PhD*

At Large Members:
Douglas Chavis, MD

Cheryl Collins, MD

Linda Dickson, MSW
Joanne Gold, MA
Jonathan Halperin
Michael Hamm

Linda Kolodner, MSW

Karol Kullberg, LCSW-C

Angela C. Martin, DNP, APRN

William Moffett

Jeff Taksey, CPA

Scott Twentyman, MD

Ex-Officio Member: Deborah Feldheim, MD *
Chief Operating Officer: Roberta Sorensen, MA,CAE*
* Members, Executive Committee



Roberta Sorensen, CAE, Chief Operating Officer

Christine Pembroke, Office Administrator
Kelly Pearce, Website Administrator



Board Development:
David E. Cooper, PhD*, Chair

Marc Levine, MD, Chair

Steven Sorkin, PhD, Chair

Marjorie Swett, MSW & Herbert Gross, MD

Outreach and Social Impact:
Joanne Gold, MA, Chair

Program Management:
Deborah Feldheim, MD, Chair

Colleague and Patient Assistance:
Ernest Wallwork, PhD, Chair
Members: Katherine Brunkow, MSW; Elizabeth Hersh, MD; David Joseph, MD

Lindsay Clarkson, MD, Co-chairs

John Zinner, MD, Chair
Members: Martha Dupecher, PhD, MSW; Deborah Feldheim, MD; Christopher Keats, MD; Stacia Super, PhD

Roberta Sorensen, MA, CAE, Editor

Program Management Committee

Deborah Feldheim, MD

Washington Psychoanalytic Institute
Richard Fritsch, PhD

Psychoanalytic Studies Program

Sharon Alperovitz,MSW; Linda Stern, PhD

New Directions
Martha Dupecher, PhD, MSW; David Cooper, PhD; Kerry Malawista; Robert Winer, MD

close attention

Sharon Alperovitz, MSW; Robert Winer, MD

Scientific Meetings
Paula Hamm, LPC; Scott Twentyman, MD

Cinema Program
Cindy Bollman, PhD

Yvonne DeCuir, PhD

Deborah Feldheim, MD

Community Outreach
Katherine Chefetz, LCSW

Research/Institutional Review Board
Pavel Snejnevski, PhD

Psychoanalytic Clinic
Laura George, DSW

Special Events
Charles Olsen, MD

Couple and Family Program
Linda Grey, RN, MSN; Ann Devaney, LCSW

Scholars Program
Kevin Popp, PsyD

Student Representative, MPP
Karol Kullberg, LCSW

Theater Program
Robert Fenton, MSW


Program Chairs

Modern Perspectives in Psychotherapy
Robert Winer, MD, Chair

Fellowship Program in Psychoanalysis
Deborah Feldheim, PhD, Yvonne DeCuir, PhD

Psychoanalytic Takes on the Cinema
Cindy Bollman, PhD

New Directions: Writing andCritical Thinking with a Psychoanalytic Perspective
Kerry Malawista, PhD; David Cooper, PhD; Catherine Anderson, PhD; Don Chiappinelli, MSW; Mary Carpenter; Robert Winer, MD, Co-Chairs

Scientific Meetings
Paula Hamm, LPC; Scott Twentyman, MD, Co-Chairs

Thomas Goldman, MD, Chair

Raphling Scholar Program

Continuing Professional Education
Roberta Sorensen, CAE, Representative to APsaA CME Committee

Outreach Committee
Katheryn J. Chefetz, LCSW

Psychoanalytic Clinic
Laura George, DSW, Chair

Psychoanalytic Theory for Scholars
Kevin Popp, PsyD, Chair

Psychoanalytic Perspective on Theater
Robert Fenton, MSW

Research Committee/IRB
Pavel Snejnevski, PhD

Gary O. Morris Research Prize

Samuels Fellowship
Richard Fritsch, PhD

Special Events
Charles Olsen, MD, Linda Schwartz, MSW

Washington Psychoanalytic Institute
Governing Body: Institute Council Members

Richard C. Fritsch, PhD

Douglas Chavis, MD

Immediate Past Director
David Joseph, MD

Admissions Committee
Linda Stern, PhD & Sharon Alperovitz, MSW,Co-Chairs

Candidate Progress Committee
Katherine Burton, MSW, Chair

Child/Adolescent Committee
Howard Benensohn, MD & Anita Bryce, PhD, Co-Chairs

CNSTA, Chair David Miller, MD

Curriculum Committee
David Cooper, PhD, Chair

Evaluation Committee

Angela Martin, DNP, APRN, Chair

Faculty Development Committee
Robert Winer, MD, Chair

Liaison, Candidates' Organization
Karyne Messina, EdD

Karyne Messina, EdD

Recent Graduates Committee
Linda Geurkink, PhD

Recruitment Commitee

Marc Levine , MD

Supervising and Training Analyst Committee
Katherine Brunkow, MSW

At-large Members of the Faculty
Alberto Pieczanski, MD; John Kafka, MD & Denise Fort, PhD

At Large Supervising/Training Analysts
Louis Spitz, MD; John Kafka, MD; Open

University Liaison
J. David Miller, MD