Washington Psychoanalytic Institute

Governing Body: Institute Council Members

Doug Chavis, MD

Marc Levine, MD

Immediate Past Director
Richard Fritsch, PhD

Admissions Committee
Linda Stern, PhD & Linda Kolodner, MSW, Co-Chairs

Candidate Liason
Karyne Messina, EdD
Lynn Friedman, PhD

Candidates Progress Committee
Yvonne DeCuir, PhD, Chair

Child and Adolescent Psychoanalysis Committee
Anita Bryce, PhD, Chair

David Miller, MD, Chair

Curriculum Committee
Richard Fritsch, PhD & Robert Winer, MD, Co-Chairs

Faculty Development Committee
Robert Winer, MD, Chair

Program Evaluation Committee
Kathryn Chefetz, LCSW, Chair

PSP Steering Committee
Richard Fritsch, PhD & Robert Winer, MD, Co-Chairs

Karyne Messina, EdD, Chair

Recent Graduates Committee
Cornelia Lischewski, PsyD

Recruitment Committee
Christian Linton, MD, Chair

Student Progress Committee

Karol Kullberg, LCSW-C Chair

Supervising and Training Analyst Committee
Katherine Brunkow, MSW, Chair