Washington Psychoanalytic Institute


Child and Adolescent 

Learn about psychoanalysis and psychoanalytic ideas as they relate to treatment, development, and to everyday life More...


Couple and Family Therapy Training
A training experience with video observation that focuses on the treatment of relationships. More...

New Directions
Three-year program for clinicians, academics and writers to apply psychoanalytic perspectives to professional and personal writing.  More...

Institutional Review Board
Reviews human research protocols to safeguard the rights, safety, and well-being of all trial subjects. More...

Psychoanalytic Takes on the Cinema
Film discussion series. More...

Psychoanalysis, Creativity and the Arts 
Post-performance discussion. More...


Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy on a sliding scale. More...




Fellowship Program in Psychoanalysis 


altLearn about psychoanalysis and psychoanalytic ideas as they relate to treatment, development, and to everyday life.  

The Fellowship features didactic seminars, individual mentoring, and the presentation & discussion of an ongoing psychoanalytic case.

We welcome mid-career clinicians as well as those at the early stages of their professional development who show promise, including graduate students.  Our cohort is educationally and culturally diverse.  Typically, we include, psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers and counselors.  Also, we welcome K-12 educators and university faculty across all disciplines. We are particularly interested in academicians whose scholarly inquiry overlaps with psychoanalysis, such as those in social science, education, history, political science, law, business, philosophy, music, literature as well as other disciplines. 

The fellowship comprises: 

  • didactic seminars in ethics, confidentiality, child development, cultural competence, psychoanalytic therapy & psychoanalysis.
  • participation in a clinical case conference of an ongoing psychoanalysis
  • mentoring by a practicing psychoanalyst or psychoanalytic psychotherapist. Every effort will be made to link K-12 educators and academic scholars with someone knowledgeable about their discipline.