Program Chairs

Fellowship Program in Psychoanalysis
Lynn Friedman, PhD; Lindsay Brancato, PsyD

Psychoanalytic Takes on the Cinema
Corina Millo, MD

New Directions: Writing and Critical Thinking with a Psychoanalytic Perspective
Sharon Alperovitz, MSW; Kerry Malawista, PhD; Catherine Anderson, PhD; Robert Winer, MD, Co-Chairs

Thomas Goldman, MD, Chair

Continuing Professional Education
David Cooper, Phd, Representative to APsaA CME Committee
Roberta Sorensen, CAE, Representative to APsaA CME Committee

close attention
Sharon Alperovitz, MSW; Robert Winer, MD

Couple and Family Program
Linda Grey, MSN, PMHCNS-BC

Psychoanalytic Clinic
Laura George, DSW, Chair

Psychoanalytic Perspective on Theater
Robert Fenton, MSW; Rosa Aurora Chavez-Eakle, MD, PhD

Research Committee/IRB
Pavel Snejnevski, PhD

Annual Awards Dinner
Charles Olsen, MD

Washington Psychoanalytic Institute & Psychoanalytic Studies Program
Doug Chavis, MD